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I believe individuals with ADHD are destined for greatness!



Coaching With Rosie

Fed up of fighting with your ADHD brain?

Now you have the awareness of your ADHD you no longer have to...

I passionately believe that individuals with ADHD are destined for greatness.
Consider the Forbes Under 30 list—30% have ADHD. Through my ADHD Untangled Podcast, I've interviewed guests, including doctors, professors, athletes, and entrepreneurs, all of whom have found ways to overcome the challenges of ADHD and live lives they love. I witness incredible transformations. 
I've witnessed clients who initially come to me feeling broken and confused and end up pursuing their dream careers, building fulfilling relationships, and embracing healthier lifestyles.
But living with ADHD isn’t going to get better while you sit on the sofa scrolling through social media, looking at ADHD memes that tell you all the things you cannot do because you have ADHD or reading ANOTHER Daily Mail article that belittles your condition…
As Dr Ned Hallowell says 'Knowledge is power' has never been so apt than when it comes to ADHD. We have to know what it is we are working with to support ourselves in moving closer to our goals and living a more meaningful and authentic life.    
My mission is to empower you, to turn your late diagnosed ADHD story of struggle into a story of strength through my own personal experiences and a combination of movement and ADHD coaching.
ADHD Untangled coaching, is about finding meaning and thriving in every aspect of your life's journey.
I am here to help you embrace your strengths, reshape your story, navigate life transitions with resilience and rediscover the meaning and contentment that life has to offer.


ADHD Coaching is life changing work.

One to One Coaching - Let's have a chat to see if I am the right coach for you!! 

One to One ADHD Coaching

The ADHD Movement 

Group Coaching with a difference...

Move towards your Goals!

Group coaching like no other...

Move your Body,

Move you Mindset,

Move at your Pace

and Move towards your Tribe! 


Fighting against your ADHD ...

Do you often feel like nothing you achieve is ever enough?

Is 'What's next?' a constant question in your mind?

Do you feel restless, act impulsively, and seek highs without a clear purpose?

Handling the big things but feeling overwhelmed by the mundane?


ADHD coaching with me will...

Enable you to find fulfilment and purpose in life beyond your career.

Allow you to gain  a deeper understanding of your unique ADHD brain. 

Create a sense of balance in all aspects of your life.

Harness your restless energy to achieve your life's greatest accomplishments.

Reframe and transform negative beliefs that hold you back.

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