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ADHD Untangled 

ADHD Untangled is dedicated to empowering high-achieving adults with ADHD  to thrive in life beyond their pursuits. 

Rosie's distinctive coaching approach is rooted in her personal journey. Her profound connection to ADHD, based on her own experiences, enables her to comprehend how the absence of structured exercise routines can adversely affect individuals with ADHD.


"ADHD Untangled" is more than a coaching service; it's a lifeline for individuals with ADHD, driven by Rosie's passion for supporting those in the sports & wellness industries. By combining her expertise, personal experience, and wellness knowledge, Rosie bridges the gap between the challenges of ADHD and the hidden strengths it can bring.

Unlike conventional ADHD coaching, "Untangled" adopts a creative and strengths-based approach, empowering individuals to uncover their ADHD strengths and boost their confidence.

Rosie coaching service gives guidance and clarity to develop a personalised toolkit of coping strategies to effectively manage ADHD-related challenges.

Rosie passionately believes that individuals with ADHD are destined for greatness. 
She says ‘ADHD is not a limitation; it's a unique advantage.

Individuals with ADHD possess an incredible array of strengths that set them apart.

These strengths fuel the unstoppable 'Can't stop, won't stop' attitude that has brought these high achievers to where they are today.’

Rosie also understands and relates to the ADHD challenges that may come to the forefront for high achievers during less structured times and pivotal life moments. Whether it's the transition out of a career, a relationship breakdown, off season training periods, injury recovery time or navigating hormonal changes. 

Rosie’s mission is to empower individuals with ADHD to embrace their unique strengths to navigate life transitions with authenticity, resilience and meaning.


ADHD coaching is about thriving in every part of life's journey.

ADHD Coaching with Rosie 

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