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ADHD in the Workplace

Want to support your ADHD employees in the workplace? 

It has been reported that adults with ADHD are around 60% more likely to be fired, 30% more likely to have ongoing/chronic employment issues, and 3 times more likely to quit on impulse. 


Research shows that around 24% of working adults who are on sick leave for the long term due to stress exhibit symptoms of ADHD (Source).

Untreated ADHD can not only cause harm to the individual that has ADHD but can cause companies thousands of pounds.

"A workforce that embraces and creates an environment that supports neurodiversity is necessary for any growing business.


Individuals with ADHD are an asset to any company but to enable them to thrive within the workplace they need to understand how their ADHD impacts their life at work, have awareness of their strengths and be supported in their working environment."

We can support you in turning your ADHD employees struggles into strengths.

We help companies enhance the performance of their ADHD employees with educational talks, workshops and tailored group and individual coaching sessions to help individuals with ADHD enhance their motivation, accelerate productivity and achieve their goals. 

Neurodiversity is here to stay...

Want to learn more? 

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