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Who is ADHD Untangled?

My name is Rosie and I am the founder of ADHD Untangled. I am an Accredited ADHD 

Coach and I know what living with ADHD feels like.

Let's turn your ADHD Story of Struggle into a Story of Strength. 

My journey into ADHD coaching is deeply personal. After my own ADHD diagnosis, I transitioned from a life of chaos, including addiction, burnout, relationship breakdowns and mental health struggles.


My career change was driven by my unwavering determination to find my place in a world that often didn't understand ADHD-related challenges.

In my twenties, I was caught in an unhealthy lifestyle until a friend signed me up for the London Marathon, a race I completed in his memory after he tragically took his own life after struggling with his own mental health.


Exercise played a crucial role in overcoming my mental health and addiction struggles. I became a certified yoga teacher in India and a qualified Pilates instructor, teaching movement and meditation for a decade.

I firmly believe that "exercise saved my life" by providing the dopamine my brain constantly sought. This underscores the profound impact of physical activity on those with ADHD.

My mornings now start at 4:30 AM, and I can't function without exercise. It's a lifeline that helps me manage my ADHD symptoms and approach each day with focus and clarity.

Since receiving my own ADHD diagnosis and realising the impact undiagnosed ADHD had on my life, I made a promise to myself that I would spend the rest of my life supporting others like me turn their story of struggle into a story of strength.  

Discovering what a profound effect undiagnosed ADHD had on all areas of my life has meant it is now my mission to help late diagnosed with ADHD turn your story of struggle into a story of strength through a combination of movement and ADHD coaching.


Part of this mission is to educate the Wellness & Sports industry on ADHD so you can foster an inclusive environment that accommodates neurodivergent individuals..

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