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Why I fight for ADHD a Poem for you...

What's it all for? My real why…

The reason I continue to get out of bed on the days my mind & body feels like it cannot face another hectic day and just wants to stay in bed.

The reason I have no regrets is leaving everything I own and a life of security… stable job, home and relationship to create this untangled dream.

The reason I let go of the need to be accepted by society & its expectations .

The reason I keep going even when I don’t get it right….

The reason I will keep going until it kills me….

It's for you…

Whose world felt like a constant rollercoaster

Full of chaos

Constantly fighting with their tangled brain.

Constantly feeling lost and confused.

Who was told they were never enough or a bit too much.

Struggling day to day and never knowing why.

Who would rather not live than experience more rejection.

Why can't I just can't get things right? What's wrong with me?

Desperate to be anyone else but themselves.

Doing such a good job of masking they lost sight of who they are and what they wanted?

You who never knew that all along…..

There was an explanation…

It was NEVER because you were NOT enough.

YOU were & never will be alone.

Your struggles were your signs that you were made to do things differently

Your struggles were your unique gifts that were waiting to be shared with the world.

Your struggles were strengths….

And by showing up in the world as YOU…. ALL OF YOU would set you FREE!

Here is to YOU to US that after every battle we faced, we got back up and tried again and now we try again OUR way!

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Support

ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Symtoms

ADHD Untangled

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This is incredible! I am SO inspired by you Rosie! I’d love to continue my journey with you! And look forward to connecting with you for our call! :-) Richard Yeo

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