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Let's get ADHD Untangled...

Rosie Turner ADHD Coaching 


Empowering individuals with ADHD in the Sports & Wellness industries to thrive in life beyond their game.

The Struggle 

Do you often feel like nothing you achieve is ever enough?

Do you feel restless, act impulsively, and seek highs without a clear purpose?

Struggling to stay focused in unstructured moments?

Burnout due to perfectionism, overcommitting, and people-pleasing?


Handling the big things but feeling overwhelmed by the mundane?

Need to go to extraordinary measures to receive ordinary pleasures?

Experiencing emotional rollercoasters with extreme highs and lows?

The Strength 

A deeper understanding of your unique ADHD brain.

Create a sense of balance in all aspects of your life.

Harness your restless energy to achieve your life's greatest accomplishments.

Boost self-confidence and overcome self-doubt.

Attain contentment and resilience during life's transitions.

Improve your relationships and communication skills.

Discover what truly holds meaning and purpose for you.

Rosie has helped me to challenge my negative thoughts about myself and harness what my true potential is in life. She has guided, encouraged and empowered me to understand and find the solutions within myself to what it is that I would wish from my life, which in-turn has made me happier, stronger, more content and focussed on what reasonable steps I need to undertake to make me truly happy. I can honestly say that this is the happiest, strongest and most positive that I have felt about myself and my path forward in life ever. 

ADHD Coaching Testimonial  

After years of being unaware of why I could never find contentment in what I had achieved, which led to an unhealthy balance between pursuing my goals and my personal life, I now have awareness of my ADHD and have received coaching from Rosie. I understand how my brain works and what structures I need to put in place to ensure that I am not only thriving in my profession but also in my personal life.


Coaching has allowed me to form deeper connections with the people I care about, reduced my susceptibility to burnout, and, most importantly, enabled me to embrace my strengths and live a more balanced and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

ADHD Coaching Testimonial 

At 34, I was diagnosed with ADHD after years of struggling with driving lessons, attempting multiple tests, and accumulating significant financial stress. Working with Rosie, I realized I had been learning to drive to please others, not myself. Rosie helped me see that it was perfectly acceptable not to drive and redirected my focus toward my own aspirations. Sharing this decision with others was surprisingly positive, and I sold the car, paying off the loan. This journey transformed a struggle into a source of strength.

ADHD Coaching Client Testimonial 

What I have gained from coaching with Rosie is the ability to view my ADHD as something I can use to improve my life rather than hinder it. This perspective shift has been a life-changing gift. Instead of wanting to hide away from the world because I felt I had nothing to offer, I now have a renewed sense of self.


Coaching has not only allowed me to see my ADHD in a more positive light but has also enabled me to see myself in a way I never could before.


I now recognise myself as someone who is strong, talented, and more than enough. I have a newfound zest for life and can't wait to continue sharing my unique gifts with the world.

ADHD Coaching Client Testimonial 


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