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The ADHD Movement

Are you a dedicated Yoga Teacher or Studio Owner eager to make your classes more inclusive and accessible? Our specialised Yoga Teacher Training for ADHD is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to create a welcoming environment for students and employees with ADHD, ensuring you comply with the Equality Act.

Join Our Online Yoga Alliance Certified Further Training Course starting on the 8th of November 2024 and receive a £100 discount if you sign up before the 1st of July (Payment plans available).

£650 if you book before 1st July, £750 after.  

50% deposit due on booking.
*please note payments are non refundable. 

Training Days Part 1
- Friday 8th & Saturday 9th November | 9.30am - 5.30pm - (Online)

Training Days Part 2
Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd November | 10am - 4pm - (Online)

For any questions, email me at:

  • Are you ready to join the ADHD Movement? Become a Yoga Instructor who fosters an environment where everyone can thrive.


    Then, we have specialised ADHD Training for Yoga Instructors and business owners is for YOU!

    We're dedicated to empowering wellness professionals with a deeper understanding of neuro-diversity, enabling them to create inclusive, neuro-divergent-friendly environments that comply with disability laws. Join us in championing movement as a form of treatment for ADHD and driving positive change.

    If you've encountered clients grappling with addiction, burnout, eating disorders, or mental health conditions, there's a significant chance they might have undiagnosed ADHD.

    This course is ideal for instructors or business owners in wellness who:

    • Value inclusivity

    • Seek alignment with disability laws

    • Desire a deeper understanding of ADHD

    • Are passionate about teaching neuro-divergent students 

    • Aim to support their neuro-divergent employees

    Neuro-diversity can no longer be overlooked, with 2.6 million people in the UK diagnosed with ADHD, a number projected to rise. It's now legally protected under the Disability Act 2010.


    • ADHD, a neuro-developmental condition, impacts:

    • 30% developmental delay in executive function, affecting areas like short-term memory, goal prioritization, self-awareness, and emotional regulation

    • Chemical imbalances

    • Overstimulation

    • Associations with addictions, eating disorders, and mental health issues.

    Research shows that movement can be as effective as medication in managing ADHD symptoms. Our in house study shows that individuals with ADHD are 90% more likely to attend and maintain consistency in movement classes when instructors are knowledgeable about ADHD. Neuro-divergent employees also perform better with understanding and support.

    • Understanding ADHD with Scientific insights

    • Different ADHD types

    • Recognising ADHD in your clients & what you can do to support clients with ADHD. 

    • How to support yourself as an ADHD Instructor.

    • Effective support strategies for clients and employees with ADHD, including disclosure and reasonable adjustments

    • Comorbidities and the connection between ADHD and Addiction,Mental Health & Hyper-mobility & ADHD

  • Join Our Mission: Empowering ADHD Awareness Through Yoga

    Why Partner with Us?

    Expert-Led Training: Our programs are developed and conducted by an Accredited ADHD Coach and a team of ADHD experts, ensuring you receive knowledgeable and specialised instruction.

    Neuro-divergent-Friendly Environments: We prioritise creating spaces where neurodiversity is not just accepted but celebrated, fostering an inclusive atmosphere that supports all learning styles.


    Shared Experiences: Hear personal stories from individuals with ADHD, providing unique insights and deepening understanding of the neurodivergent experience.

    Addressing Challenges: Explore the intersection of ADHD and addiction, mental health & hypermobility and learn strategies for overcoming common obstacles in teaching and learning yoga.


    Movement Solutions: Discover adaptable movement practices that cater to the needs of individuals with ADHD, enhancing focus and mindfulness.

    Empowering Mindful Movement: Our mission is to inspire individuals with ADHD to incorporate mindful movement into their lives, recognising its benefits in improving concentration, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

    Take Action Now: Join us in this transformative movement and help more individuals with ADHD experience the profound benefits of yoga. Let's make a difference together!

Join The Movement

Interested in Joining Untangled? Purchase your place below, or download our PDF for more information

Join The Movement

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